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 4netplayers.de - www.4netplayers.de
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Statistics for www.4netplayers.de
Popularity Rank #14166033
Links pointing to the URL78
Website languagede
Domain in business since0000-00-00
URL title4NetPlayers
Owned by4Players GmbH
StreetBenzstrasse 8
CityD-85551 Kirchheim
Contact by emailsupport(at)4netplayers(dot)de
Customer opinions forwww.4netplayers.de

DTG Dutch Tactical Gaming clan ( seriousgamingclan at outlook dot com ) at: 2016-01-22
Time Hosted: 1 to 3 months
General Rating:
Customer Service:
      Control Panel:
Some servers are nog being found by the games.
Servers hang during configuration
Half of the language used in the control panel is in German though the whole ordering process was on an .co.uk website in English.
Website states online chatsupport, when activated you get one message realtime telling you to send an email to a support emailaddress.
Teamspeak offered with the hosting was very laggy and not fully adaptable.

Tim ( trkirby21(at)gmail(dot)com ) at: 2015-10-23
Time Hosted: under 1 month.
General Rating:
Customer Service:
      Control Panel:
Asked customer service a question, and got an answer shortly after.
They told me that my information (about them not responding to support messages and canceling servers for no reason) was incorrect, so I told them that it was not since it was based on the experience of a friend (who is not getting any replies from customer service after his server was canceled for no reason).
Suddenly the reply I recieved was very hostile, and that further emails would be ignored if they were about my friend's server.

I replied again, asking why I was being lied to (which is not about my friend's server, now is it?). The response got even more hostile. This is a quote from what I recieved:

"since you only want to discuss, the communication is stopped. There we have better things to do. For example, take care of our customers."

That is EXACTLY what the problem is. I am continously being lied to. They aren't even answering support e-mails from their customers, only from people that don't already have a server.
Robert K. from the 4netplayers team seems to have a hard time telling the truth, or just not being rude in general.

I would absolutely NOT reccomend their services,even though they might be the cheapest server hosts you can find. If you like to be lied to, this customer service is just for you.

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