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Andrax Network Silver Plan - webhosting plan

andraxnetwork.com product

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 andraxnetwork.com - www.andraxnetwork.com

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PlanAndrax Network Silver Plan $19.95 USD/mo, no setup fee | Plan info date:2008-10-27

Andrax Network Silver Plan is an excellent mid level hosting option for small business. This plan will launch your business onto the world wide web for less then the cost of a business lunch per month.

Operating System:

Web Server Software Offered:

Databases Features:

Web Hosting Server Features:
FTP Accounts
Server Side Includes

Web Programming Features:
CGI-bin / Perl

Email Features:
Web-based Email
Mailing List
IMAP Supported
POP Email

Additional Features for Andrax Network Silver Plan:
Bulletin Board / Forum

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