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B.A. Port Super Hosting Plan - webhosting plan

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PlanB.A. Port Super Hosting Plan $29.95 USD/mo, no setup fee | Plan info date:2008-10-27

B.A. Port Super Hosting Plan allows customers' to use multiple, dual Intel Pentium III (and single Pentium 4) processor machines, with gigabytes of ram, Ultra 160 SCSI interfaces, multiple 100 megabit Ethernet cards, all running on a full switched 1000/100 megabit Cisco, Foundry and HP Ethernet infrastructure.

B.A. Port run IBM brand servers using Red Hat Linux for B.A. Port Super Hosting Plan. Linux on their main machines.

Server Specs Provided:

Operating System:

Databases Features:

Web Hosting Server Features:
FTP Accounts
Cron Jobs
File Manager
Server Side Includes
Frontpage Extensions
Dedicated IP Address
Telnet / SSH
Custom Error Pages
Host Multiple Domains Per Account

Web Programming Features:
CGI-bin / Perl

Email Features:
Email Forwarders
Spam Filtering
Mailing List
POP Email

Web Statistics Features:
Web Statistics

Additional Features for B.A. Port Super Hosting Plan:
Money-back Guarantee

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