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Bocacom Basic Pentium Self Managed Linux Plan - webhosting plan

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 bocacom.net - www.bocacom.net

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PlanBocacom Basic Pentium Self Managed Linux Plan $99 USD/mo, $99 USD setup fee | Plan info date:2008-10-27

Step up to the power of a Pentium4 processor with the Bocacom Basic Pentium Self Managed Linux Plan. The Intel Pentium4 processor is the latest generation of Intel processors designed to deliver advanced performance for emerging web and PC technologies. Providing superior performance for users who demand the latest technology, the Bocacom Basic Pentium Self Managed Linux Plan is fully customizable to meet your requirements.

Operating System:

Web Server Software Offered:

Databases Features:

Web Hosting Server Features:
Host Multiple Domains Per Account

Email Features:
POP Email

Control Panel Features:

Additional Features for Bocacom Basic Pentium Self Managed Linux Plan:
24x7 Ticket Support
Standard Hours Phone Support

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