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 cedant.com - www.cedant.com

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PlanPremier Unix Hosting $18.95 USD/mo, no setup fee | Plan info date:2008-10-27

Premier Account: Robust & Powerful!

For those who require more disk space and data transfer than is available with the Cedant XL account, our Premier account provides all the features you will need for $25.95 per month. With 1500 MB of disk space, 250 POP email accounts, and Unlimited data transfer per month, the Premier account will meet the needs of almost any web site.

In addition to increased storage and transfer quotas, the Premier account builds on the Cedant XL account's numerous features by adding access to both Java servlets and PGP encryption for secure transfer of data between your websites. If you're on the cutting edge of web technology, this account is for you.

Operating System:

Web Server Software Offered:

Databases Features:

Web Hosting Server Features:
FTP Accounts
Server Side Includes
Frontpage Extensions
Frontpage Support
MIME Types
Streaming Audio
Streaming Video

Web Programming Features:
CGI-bin / Perl

Email Features:
POP Email

Ecommerce Features:
SSL Support

Web Statistics Features:
Web Statistics

Additional Features for Premier Unix Hosting:
24x7 Phone Support
Search Engine Submission
Money-back Guarantee

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