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Trader's Desktop (64 bit Windows for FOREX traders) - webhosting plan

commercialnetworkservices.com product

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 commercialnetworkservices.com - www.commercialnetworkservices.com

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PlanTrader's Desktop (64 bit Windows for FOREX traders) $30 USD/mo, no setup fee | Plan info date:2008-10-27

64 bit Windows for maximum performance! [especially traders]

Windows Virtual Desktop hosted in a major US datacenter

Accessible from any Windows PC, Mac, web browser
or Windows Mobile Phone!

Your programs keep running, even when your PC is shut off

High speed Internet to your desktop - even for dialup users

No maintenance at random hours - we understand Traders!
[Knowledge Base]

Subscription EA's and/or upload your own!

24/7/365 support, trusted by subscribers in 67 countries

Our Virtual Desktop Feature & Security Pack is included FREE!

Dedicated plans NOW AVAILABLE!

Secure ID Tokens Available soon!

Virtual Desktops are Microsoft Windows virtual environments, hosted in a datacenter and always on to faithfully run your software. Virtual Desktops keep running, even if you lose your Internet connection or run out of battery. The Internet speed to your virtual desktop is always fast, regardless of your own connection speed.

Server Specs Provided:
Intel CPU
100 Megabit Port

Operating System:

Control Panel Features:

Additional Features for Trader's Desktop (64 bit Windows for FOREX traders):
24x7 Ticket Support
Live Chat Support

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