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 hostmatters.com - www.hostmatters.com
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Statistics for www.hostmatters.com
Popularity Rank #734606
Links pointing to the URL337
Website languageen
Domain in business since2000-04-25
URL descriptionOffers shared, reseller and dedicated plans.
URL titleHosting Matters, Inc.
Owned byTechnical Services
Street1650-302 Margaret St #332
Zip code32204
CountryUnited States
Tel+1 877 643 1083, Fax: +1 877 643 1083
Contact by emaildomains at hmdns dot net
Customer opinions forwww.hostmatters.com

GnGWeb ( greg(at)gngweb(dot)dot(dot)com ) at: 2005-09-16
Time Hosted: over 3 years
General Rating:
Customer Service:
      Control Panel:
We are resellers with HM. There are a few major things I can say about HM that makes them stand out:

1. Their technical support is INCREDIBLE. I often get replies to my support tickets within 15 minutes of submission.

2. They are open. Their community forums are open to anyone to view (without creating an account) or post to (free registration required).

3. Server status is available to the public (Nagios status)

4. Server status/maintenance/outage is communicated via the public forums (see #2).

5. Their customer-base loves them (just look through the forums)

6. Their are not rigid in what they will support. I have often asked for out-of-the ordinary Perl modules or SSH account access on lowest-level accounts and have had my requests fulfilled in short order.

Sure, like every other service, there have been downtimes (server upgrades, various DDoS's on some sites they host, etc...), but HM is extremely responsive and quick to implement routing changes, etc... to minimize impact.

Prices are quite reasonable, so a reseller with as little as 20 sites might consider getting their own dedicated server to minimize other people's websites impacting your own.

This is the third hosting company I've had lots of dealings with, and I have now moved *everything* I have to HM (on three different servers).

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