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 Host Monster - www.hostmonster.com
 Overall Ranking: No Rank Yet - "A great choice for any site! Great selections and prices"
 Read our web hosting review below, or check Host Monster to visit this web host!
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HostMonster Review

HostMonster General Impression

HostMonster has been providing hosting solutions to thousands of business and personal web sites since 1996. Their internet hosting package helps businesses and individuals get high-powered service at a fraction of the cost.

With HostMonster you can depend on:
* Highest customer service
* Quality equipment
* Maximum guaranteed uptime
* Highly functional tools for adminstration
* The leading feature set available
* Secure and reliable backups
* Solid and honest business practices

HostMonster Price & Cost Effectiveness

Amazing what you get for such small price. There are no companies on the market offering such great package! Give a try!

HostMonster Customer Service

You will not believe how excellent technical support has hostmoster.com Their forum will also help you anytime you need. Check out: http://hostmonsterforum.com/ We have been impressed. Tried and you will be convinced ... then you will stick with them. Amazing.

HostMonster Contact Information and Support

Technical Support
Main Line: 866-573-4678
Outside the U.S: 801-494-8462
Telephone support is available
Monday - Sunday 24/7 Support

Billing Support
Main Line: 866-573-4678
Outside the U.S: 801-494-8462
Telephone support is available
Monday - Friday 8 AM - 5 PM (MST)

Sales Support
Main Line: 866-573-4678
Outside the U.S: 801-494-8462
Telephone support is available
Monday - Sunday 24/7 Support

Abuse Department
Main Line: 866-573-4678
Outside the U.S: 801-494-8462
Telephone support is available
Monday - Saturday 6 AM - 10 PM (MST)

Affiliate & Business Dev
Main Line: 866-573-4678 x101
Outside the U.S: 801-494-8462 x101
Telephone support is available
Monday - Friday 9 AM - 4 PM (MST)

Mailing Address
HostMonster, Inc.
1548 North Technology Way #D13
Orem, UT 8409


Choosing HostMonster is great option. You will not regret. Your business will grow protected by a very serious company always ready to help you.

Victoria Basqe for webhosting-top.com, 10/19/2007

Host Monster ( www.hostmonster.com ) Hosting Plans:

Linux Hosting Plans: [Go to plans overview]
Demo login: http://www.hostmonster.com/cgi-bin/cplogin?domain=hostmonsterdemo.com&password=demotest
Hostmonster 6.95/mo.

Attention: This information can be already old, please contact us in case these informations are wrong and must be updated!

Statistics for www.hostmonster.com
Popularity Rank #1010
Links pointing to the URL33277
Website languageen
Domain in business since1999-06-15
URL titleHost Monster - Web hosting
Owned byHostMonster.Com, INC.
Street1548 N Technology Way
Zip code84097
CountryUnited States
Tel+1 801 765 9400, Fax: +1 801 765 1992
Contact by emailadmin at webmersion dot com
I love Hostmonster, excellent Tech Support, never have to wait more then 5 minutes. The extras they give such as $50 Free Google AdWord credits is awesome. Up Time so far has been 100%. I recommend Hostmonster to anyone thinking about getting a website.
"Hostmonster is great. Tech Support is excellent, don't have to wait more than 5 minutes, and the Techs don't mind fielding questions outside the realm of Hostmonster. I like the $50 AdWords and $25 Yahoo Credits. Affiliate program is excellent also, I have refered people and gotten $65 after 3 months hosted. "
Scott<scottg311@wowway.com> / http://www.goldking4cash.com/

"Hostmonster is fantastic. Since the time I hook up with them I have no reason to fear at all. Their are 24/7 online is real and their support services is fantastic. Their Affiliate program is superb, Infact they are a blessing to the online community. Keep on with the good work."
Adeleke Adegbite<selah.ebiz@yahoo.com> / Selahebiz.com

"Host Monster is everithing we need of hosting provider. Customer and tehnical support are excellent and always available. CPanel is great for use. Everithing is ok . We are recomending Host Monster."
Monteportal<monteportal@gmail.com> / www.monteportal.com

"I chose Hostmonster as my web host, and I think it's great ! Customer Support is excellent, and so is the Tech Support. It's very affordable, and has allot of user friendly features. "
Niki Douros, D.M.D<admin@dourosfamilyandcosmeticdentistry.com> / http://www.dourosfamilyandcosmeticdentistry.com/

"Hostmonster is great, Technical Support always available, as well as Customer Service. The referral program is excellent too ! Nothing but good things to say about Hostmonster."
Robert Foss<Upsidedown8020@yahoo.com> / http://www.upsidedown8020mortgage.com

"I have been using hostmonster. I signed up for three years.
It is simply incredibly comparing to my previous host, Webhostingpad.

Webhostingpad advertise their plan as unlimited which turned out to be fake.

Hostmonster allows its user to use their server as web disk to store truly unlimited amount of data.

Nobody else can offer plan like this."
Bob Smith<asdf@gmail.com> / totalshare.info

"I think HostMonster is great. The Customer Service people are friendly, and I haven't been put on hold for a lenghty period of time. The Tech Support is great too, they are willing to answer questions that were not specific to my account, it's great to get some added information. Once I was doing some web work for a client, and I was totally stone walled by thier Web Host, after dealing with them, I realize HostMonster is #1 for me, no comparison."
Scott<contact@cheapwebdesigninelgin.com> / http://www.cheapwebdesigninelgin.com

"HostMonster have every feature I have ever wanted. They are also very cheap and their service is wonderful. They have answered all my questions within only a few hours even on the weekend. I rate them 11 out of ten!!! And no I dont work for them."
Customer opinions forwww.hostmonster.com

( ) at: 2007-10-08
Time Hosted: 1 to 2 years
General Rating:
Customer Service:
      Control Panel:
it's the best web hosting

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